provides CE (continuing education), professional development, and designation study courses for energy professionals


TrainingCenter offers training and education to HR, Insurance, Finance, Real Estate, Mortgage, Banking, Accounting, Legal, Health Care, Safety, Engineering, IT, and Sales professionals.

Each vertical has its own unique website that contains content from industry-leading organizations. Essentially, each website is designed to be an easy-to-use resource for bringing vendors and professionals together.

Each website offers books, seminars, CDs, audio conferences, events, and other products and services for:
  • Licensing
  • Designations & Certifications
  • Continuing Education
  • Professional Development
  • Recruiting & Hiring
  • Business/Practice Management
We also provide the following FREE services:
  • A weekly eNewsletter
  • An Events Calendar
  • How-To Articles and Audio Interviews
  • Ability to Listen, Hire, or Ask An Expert
  • A Speakers Bureau
  • Coaching Program Directory
  • A Vendor Directory
Below are some of the ways individuals and vendors can benefit from TrainingCenter!


Each TrainingCenter is uniquely positioned to support the “Life Cycle” of your career.

We offer licensing or schooling to get you into your profession, Continuing Education to help maintain your license(s), Certification or Designation courses to enhance and propel your career, and a large amount of professional development products and services to help you do your job better, improve your productivity, keep you in compliance with mandated rules and regulations, and/or increase your sales and profits.

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Professional Development
Products & Services to help manage and grow your career!

Need training or resources in other areas? Try our other Training Center sites:

HR, Acct., Banking, Insurance, Fin. Svcs., Real Estate, Mortgage, HealthCare, Safety, Sales


Individuals or organizations that provide products or services to the verticals we service can work with us in any of the four ways outlined below.
  • Option 1: List Your Products Or Services With TrainingCenter

    Listing your products and services with us is free! You’ll benefit from our brand name, SEO placement, email promotions, and distribution network.

    We'll absorb all costs to market your products and services, and get paid only when we sell something for you! So whether you have seminars or conferences, webcasts or audio conferences, books or CDs, we can help generate publicity and sales for you!

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  • Option 2: List In - Our Interactive Vendor Directory

    VendorPedia is an online, interactive vendor directory that uses cutting-edge technology, superior SEO placement, aggressive email promotions, and great distribution partners to help you increase your sales and visibility.

    Our easy-to-use website includes a full-page profile which allows you to show your complete contact information 24x7x365. VendorPedia is not a print directory where you receive a tiny 50-word company description and half the names and contact info are incorrect 30 days after publication.

    Your information can be changed online at any time, so you'll never have incorrect or outdated contact information.

    Use your profile to post pictures, include links to your demos, brochures, newsletters, and more.

    Need more publicity? Post your press releases, articles, white papers, and more! Each points back to your website, giving you additional SEO value!

    And that's not all! Not only can you receive phone calls, emails, and RFPs directly from interested buyers, but we'll even sell your products and services for you on a commission or affiliate basis directly through VendorPedia, TrainingCenter, and our Distribution Network!

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  • Option 3: Advertise In Our eNewsletter, On Our Website, In Our Vendor Directory, Or Rent Our eMail List

    Piggyback on our brand name and email lists by advertising in our eNewsletter, website, or Vendor Directory.

    Alternatively, send a dedicated email message with your branding by renting our lists!

    Action Step: Call us at 770-410-1219 for more details.

  • Option 4: Become An Affiliate And Sell Any Of The Products & Services Listed On TrainingCenter From Your Own Webiste

    Our SmartRev Program permits your organization to private-label any of the content available on TrainingCenter for sale and distribution to your members, customers, and/or website visitors.

    How Its Appears On Our Website How It Appears On A Partner's Website

    All content is provided in a plug and play format for displaying on your website or delivering to the email box of your members and customers. You simply select which type of content you want to sell (i.e., Licensing, Designations, Events Calendar, etc.), and we'll push the content to you; it's that simple!

    Any of the content you select will automatically update (i.e., the Events Calendar adds new events automatically as they become available, so you’ll never have to do any updating yourself!). And we’ll also track orders and pay you a 50-50% commission split!

    Action Step: Go to for more details.


Please call us at the number at the bottom of this page.

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